Church Growth Round Table


Receive inspiration for Church Growth in your local church. Come hear 3 speakers speak on specific topics which apply to growing a church. Then break into roundtable discussion group based on interest from speaker. There will be two locations in the District.

East Side Location: Metro UPC in Tulsa for Sections: 1, 2, 3 and 4

West Side Location: New Life in Edmond for Sections:  5, 6, and 7




“The First 50”

How to establish church culture, form organizational habits and build a growth minded foundation. Take advantage of a smaller congregation. Things can change and pivot more quickly and easily. A church with smaller congregations can still have a larger mindset.

East Side Speaker: Robert Whalen

West Side Speaker: Derek Hanson


“Breaking the 100 Barrier”

Breaking into the magical three-digit attendance number. How to attract new people but more importantly, how to retain people. Also, make sure it is good, healthy growth. As a pastor, you must be willing to modify and adapt your leadership style.

East Side Speaker: Rob Wyatt

West Side Speaker: Micah Wisdom


“Growing as a Leader”

As church attendance fluctuates and as the mix of the congregation changes, we must continue to grow as leaders. It has been said… the Message doesn’t change but methods do. If we are honest, change is difficult. We can find ourselves in leadership ruts because it is easy and comfortable.

East Side Speaker: Randy Sholund

West Side Speaker: Matthew Martin