Superintendent Matthew Martin

Rev. Matthew P. Martin
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District Superintendent

2001 ~ Present


Rev. Rick A. Hughes
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District Secretary

2002 ~ Present


Sectional Presbyters & District Board Members

SECTION #1 Rev. Micah Wisdom
SECTION #2 Rev. Brian Fuller
SECTION #3 Rev. David Shatwell
SECTION #4 Rev. Derek Hanson
SECTION #5 Rev. Mark Stacy
SECTION #6 Rev. Kevin Border
SECTION #7 Rev. Randall Pitts

Department Director & Secretary

Men’s Ministry Director Rob Curtis 405.320.8312
Men’s Ministry Secretary Dennis Steddum 918.636.4849
Camp Ground Caretaker Rev. Larry Brill 405.376.2680
Global Missions Director Rev. Mark Parker
Ladies’ Ministries President Cindy Hart 918.687.3605
Ladies’ Ministries Secretary Donna Fuller 405.238.8476
Media Missions Director Rev. Robert Christian 918.269.6254
North American Missions Director Rev. Shawn Phillips 580.618.1756
North American Missions Secretary Rev. Rob Wyatt 405.409.2480
Prayer Coordinator  Rev. Wesley Witcher 918.520.4406
Children’s Ministry Director Rev. Robert Whalen
Children’s Ministry Secretary Rev. Jonathan Robidoux
Youth Ministry President Rev. Derek Borders
Youth Ministry Secretary Rev. Jeremy Hart
MAC Nominee Rev.. Paul Sharp  
New District Formation Cmte. Nominee
Rev. Don Martin